Industry Standards

Your Home HVAC System Matters To You. Does It Matter To Anyone Else?

Who Writes The HVAC Industry’s Standards?

Does The Company You Called To Fix Your HVAC Problem Believe In Expediency – Or Meeting And Exceeding Industry Standards?

Your Home’s HVAC System – Was It Built By The Standards Writers? How Can You Make Sure You’re Using Such a Company?

There is no substitute for industry standards. The sponsors of this Web site include SMACNA and SMART – and SMACNA’s HVAC standards are the pinnacle of the industry.

Of course, you’re not an HVAC expert. Is this the truth? Yes. The entire HVAC industry – including building systems engineers and product manufacturers – relies on SMACNA standards. That’s why more than 50,000 standards are obtained from the Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors National Association – year after year!


More than 30 technical manuals, guides, or standards are published each year. SMACNA has several engineers on staff. You can take a look at the standards available by using the pull-down menu on the SMACNA Online Publications Store.

Perhaps you won’t be motivated to purchase a standard! But you might want to take a look at an industry technical guide or manual . . . just to see. Free technical papers are available on the SMACNA Web site— you can download PDFs of a number of papers at the site; you’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

We hope you can spare the time to take a look. The contractors we are suggesting you hire to repair, maintain, service, or replace your home’s HVAC equipment “signed on” to these standards when they joined SMACNA.

Not every contractor is a member (far from it). Does membership in SMACNA say something about a given HVAC company? It says the standards-writing and other activities of the Association are important to the company – so much so, that the company has taken money that otherwise would be PROFIT and invested it in a SMACNA membership.

One other thing: Becoming a SMACNA member does not come easily – or cheaply!


SMACNA contractors develop the standards. If you find the SMACNA logo on a company’s promotional materials, mailers, uniforms, trucks, or phone book advertisements, you know you are dealing with an HVAC Expertise contractor.

Commitment is the key. SMACNA develops first-class, cutting-edge HVAC standards. SMACNA members provide input (at no charge), stimulate the creation of new standards, get the ball rolling on revising older ones, and much more.

There’s more. Through the 75-year SMACNA and SMART partnership, your HVAC systems contractor also displays his commitment to quality. SMART members are the products of apprenticeships that extend at least four years. They learn the trade on the job and in classrooms.

If you want the HVAC people, who come to your home, to know what they are doing and be employed by a contractor committed to meeting/exceeding standards and a quality workforce, you want to look for companies that can offer HVAC Expertise.

Many HVAC contractors can claim they are committed to industry standards; roughly 2,000 are members of SMACNA. Many HVAC mechanics can claim training of one sort or another; SMART members do not become full-fledged journeypersons until they demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities over an apprenticeship lasting four or more years.

Your HVAC system needs attention. It supplies air which is regularly inhaled by human beings – the air goes right from the system and its equipment into the lungs of your family (and you).

Why not invite those with HVAC Expertise, those who have demonstrated continued commitment – to standards (the HVAC Expertise contractors) and to know-how (the HVAC Expertise technicians) – to assist you?