Choosing an HVAC Expert

While choosing the right HVAC System and the necessary components is essential in ensuring a comfortable home environment, it is equally important to choose a qualified contractor to install the system. The following checklist has been provided to assist you in finding the ideal HVAC System contractor.

    • Maintains a Superior Trained Workforce – This contractor provides continuing education and training for the company’s “HVAC System” installers and service technicians. These craftspersons have received multi-year apprenticeship training, which includes extensive classroom and supervised on-the-job training. The contractor’s insured workforce complies with local and national codes, and also receives continuing education, including regular safety and manufacturer training.


    • oldmanNational Support System (Local and National Trade Association) – In addition to being included in a network of thousands of HVAC contractors, this contractor has access to hundreds of local and national educational resources, including programs, publications, and videos. Additionally, this contractor is involved in the development of nationally recognized technical standards, and has priority access to expert technical assistance. Access to the latest industry trends enables the HVAC Expertise contractor to utilize the latest in technology and equipment in servicing its customers.


    • In-house Design and Fabrication – By having in-house design and fabrication capabilities, the HVAC Expertise contractor has the ability and resources to customize any job. This ensures a properly balanced, well-performing system.


    • Twenty-four Hour Service – A quality “HVAC Expertise” contractor will have technical assistance available around-the-clock, every day of the year, including holidays, to solve heating and air conditioning emergencies. Often times, the technician will be able to help the customer determine if the problem actually warrants a potentially expensive service call.


    • Guarantees Comfort – A quality contractor will take the time and effort required to evaluate individual comfort needs with the homeowner. Subsequently, the system will be designed and installed to meet those specific needs.


    • Environmentally Concerned – A quality contractor only uses refrigerants meeting EPA requirements, and employs EPA certified technicians.


  • Long-term Maintenance Program – A quality contractor will offer a regular maintenance program for the life of the system. Among the services the contractor will offer are annual maintenance and service agreements, extended warranties, technical tips, and 24-hour support for customer questions and concerns.

Why Hire an HVAC Expert?

Having a properly designed and installed HVAC System will ensure that your family enjoys year-round indoor comfort for years. The following steps are recommended for the homeowner, who wants to be certain that the ducted central system he or she purchases will be the HVAC System — with all of the features and benefits — this Web site has described.

    • Select your installing contractor carefully – The installing contractor is actually the manufacturer of your HVAC System. It is the skill, experience, and care with which this contractor selects quality components and assembles them into an engineered system to fit your home that makes the difference between good and poor comfort results. Check your contractor’s reputation. Ask for the names of customers whom he or she has served and contact them about the contractor’s performance – both the effectiveness of the system and the quality of service that was provided before, during, and after the installation.
    • Recognize that quality may require significant investment – If you want the HVAC System benefits and advantages described on this Web site, don’t expect to buy them at discount prices. The adage that “you get what you pay for” holds true in this instance.


  • houseSpecify what you want in terms of Comfort Performance when you buy – You are not a heating or air conditioning engineer. You generally will have no trained way of personally determining whether your system has been designed and is being installed correctly. However, there is a way that you can definitely protect yourself and get the HVAC System you want. Specify the Comfort Performance you want your system to deliver. Your contractor should be willing and able to work with you to make sure that all your comfort needs are met.