Meet the Experts

When you hire a SMACNA contractor, you get more than a single person. You get professional HVAC craftspersons, whose skills are the product of the industry’s finest nationwide training program. And you can rely on top-notch managers and company executives.

You really can’t tell the players without a scorecard, however. Here are brief descriptions of the people on the HVAC Expertise team:

Mechanics – A great deal of “simple” work on your HVAC system is either going to be done properly . . . or you and your family will suffer, economically and comfort-wise. Our mechanics are trained to make sure the transport system for your air, including heating and air conditioning – the ductwork – is installed correctly (or brought up to par if it wasn’t done properly by someone else).

HVAC Technicians – The men and women who come to your homeĀ as HVAC Technicians have gone through additional training. They can diagnose problems and propose solutions. Don’t overlook the need for testing, adjusting, and balancing of your system; TAB testing allows you to be sure you are getting from your HVAC installation what was “design in” at the start. Savvy HVAC technicians will help you figure out what’s wrong – and how to make it right.

Service Technicians – Service work is considered a “specialty” in our toolbeltindustry. The craftspersons assigned by our contractors to come to your family will be presentable and friendly.

Supervisors – The owner or contractor can’t be everywhere. Many companies have supervisors who are experienced in the out-of-the-ordinary – as funny as that sounds. These experts, with a great deal of experience, provide reliable expertise for the technicians and mechanics in the field (as well as supervising them).

Project Managers – Specialized expertise is called for in new construction and significant renovation projects. That’s why many HVAC Expertise contractors employ project managers, who will understand the scope of a major project (and can cope with the many changes, hurdles, and unexpected developments along the way).

Engineers – Some HVAC Expertise contractors employ engineers to provide HVAC design. This added expertise enables these contractors to provide special services – including several that might be of use to you.

Business Owner(s) – The word “contractor” has several meanings, including a person (the HVAC contractor is Joe Jones) and a company (my HVAC contractor is Joe Jones Heating & Cooling). There are tens of thousands of contractors in the United States. Only 2,000 are members of SMACNA, the same organization that sets the industry’s standards. These are HVAC Expertise Contractors.