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There is no substitute for industry standards. The sponsors of this Web site include SMACNA and SMART – and SMACNA’s HVAC standards are the pinnacle of the industry.



Needless to say, living up to the “standard” of being the HVAC industry’s primary standards’ organization is a challenge.

More than 30 technical manuals, guides, or standards are published each year. The Association has several engineers on staff and obtains input from the entire industry. More than 50,000 documents are sold – many through the online Publications Store.

Additionally, no standard is static. Much of SMACNA’s standards work consists of updating existing standards – keeping them current with technological developments. A standard that covers a particular aspect of 1993 HVAC technology must be kept current with field practice and technology upgrades.

For a taste of how SMACNA goes about its standards tasks, refer to SMACNA’s HVAC Duct Construction Standards, which provides construction detail for rectangular, round, flexible, and oval duct up to 10 inches water gauge.


Does your HVAC contractor’s membership in SMACNA “mean something” to you?

When an HVAC systems contractor joins SMACNA, he is “signing on” to the Association’s decades-long history of writing and updating standards, improving them, and making them available to the industry.

SMACNA contractors develop the standards. The Association’s full name is the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, Inc.. While input from all sources on the standards is accepted, SMACNA has no members from the product-selling or product-marketing community.

Contractors do not have to join SMACNA. Those that do are saying something about themselves and their companies – after all, they are investing their company’s profits in the Association’s membership fees.

Through the 75-year SMACNA-SMART partnership, your HVAC systems contractor also displays his commitment to quality. SMART members are the products of apprenticeships that extend at least four years. They learn the trade on the job and in classrooms. They, too, have made a commitment that will produce a net benefit to the building owners who use the SMACNA-SMART team and their combined HVAC Expertise.